Agape Hope Orphanage currently has 28 orphans in our care that we are supporting – 16 boys & 12 girls. Agape Hope Orphanage is based in Msanga- Dodoma in Central Tanzania. The orphanage is 30km (20mi) from the city of Dodoma and around 1km from the small village of Msanga. Dodoma is a hot and dry region (semi-desert) with cash crops of grapes and peanuts being the region’s main industries. Dodoma is the administrative capital of Tanzania.

The orphanage is situated on 15 acres of land. It contains one house separated into two dormitories with dry outside toilets. The orphanage has no running water and water is bought from local vendors who bring it in barrels by donkey. Agape Hope does not currently have electricity.


We are committed to stewardship of finances and transparent accountability to our donors and supporters. Our vision is to instil these values in the children under our care. Our vision for Agape Hope Orphanage is to provide a safe, loving home environment for the children God has entrusted to us, including nutritious meals, creative playtime activities and complete medical care. All our financial transactions are available on request.


In the short term, we want to continue the care of the orphans as well as developing the facilities to give a better level of support. With 15 acres of land there is potential to develop the orphanage to include zero grazing and cash crops. This would allow the orphanage to become more self-sustaining and assist the children to develop skills in agriculture and pastoralism to help their future life.


We began by helping 2 children who were Orphans. They lived with us in our house and we provided them with all the basics including their schooling. In 2007 My wife Rosemary and I (Peter) felt that we needed to help more children Orphans who were in the same situation as the initial two children. We got the calling and therefore we decided to start Agape Hope Orphanage. However we still lived with them because we didn`t have a home for them at the time.

In the year 2011 Mama Janet gave us some money US $2000 to buy a house where we could settle the children and ensure that they a home of their own. Mama Janet Lutz (New Mexico USA) continued giving us more funds to establish the home further and therefore she would send us some money every month till today. In 2012 we moved the orphanage to its current location. This land was gifted to us by Peter’s parents as a gift for our wedding (Rosemary and Peter) in November 1999. By moving the orphanage there, we want to give the children the opportunity to develop themselves fully.

Our Future Plan

The goal is to make the home and land a safe and productive environment for the children in our care. For this we need to install basic services such as a water well, solar electricity and separate dormitories for boys and girls.

With 15 acres to use there is also scope to introduce different forms of agriculture. The orphanage is located in a grape growing region so we would like to plant vines, as well as house cattle on a zero grazing scheme for milk and beef. The land could also be used for maize and vegetable cultivation, allowing the children in our care the opportunity to learn practical skills, maintain their environment and for the orphanage to become self-sustaining.